MAINTENANCE covering all aspects of maintenance

The majority of residents only see the physical side of maintenance being carried out at their development (for example, cleaning, window cleaning and gardening), and often forget about the other services such as insurance, supply of electricity to common parts, Health & Safety, etc., any and all of which services and more, may be required.

Our Property Managers will, as often as possible and practicable, obtain quotations from approved independent contractors. Where required we will provide the following services:


  • Obtaining quotations for contract works.
  • Obtaining estimates for repairs.
  • Organising repairs.
  • Appointment of contractors on behalf of our client.
  • Procurement of Health and Safety and Fire Safety inspections.
  • Energy/utilities surveys.

We understand that residents require these services to be carried out to an acceptable standard. Our Property Managers make sure that these objectives are achieved, visiting each of our developments periodically to check on the standard of work carried out by contractors and service providers.